Saturday October 4 2014.


There isn’t a thing Mat Hepplestone of Red Floral doesn’t know about flowers, he’s seen and done it all.  I couldn’t wait to drill him on the upcoming winter wedding flower trends and here’s what he had to say.

What are the big trends in wedding floristry this Winter?

Nude has emblazoned itself across the colour theme trends in flowers for the whole of 2014 and will continue way into next year. Hinted with peaches and pinks it provides classic timeless elegance and photos will not date in wedding photos.

Whilst the vestal all white look will always be at the forefront of bridal floral design, as again its timeless elegance speaks volumes.

The look for 2015 bouquets will be back to basics with tight compact styles taking a back seat and much more natural shapes and sizes coming to the fore.  In regards to the blooms themselves, succulents will continue to be as popular as ever bringing their dusty grey tones throughout the bouquets whilst making a statement via their size and texture.

winter wedding flower trends red floral

What can brides expect to be in season at this time of year?

Winter weddings excite me with their frosty edge and scenes of barren snow filled spaces.  There are also no worries about the flowers melting or the condition of the flowers.  You can get quite creative with winter wedding flowers.  Something which is very beautiful for winter is the vestal shades of white and ivory flowers set amongst blush grey velvety foliage and succulents with hints of winter berries.  Winter is also a great time to think about a bit of sparkle like a mercury glass with some silver or large barren 8ft trees leaping from the centre of the table masses with millions of hanging glass baubles holding tea lights.

winter wedding flower trends

How can brides steer clear of an unwanted Christmas-y look?

I think it is to avoid using the obvious and theming a wedding with a great deal of Holly.  I am a big fan of using white phaleonopsis orchids and sparkling clear acrylic.  This look is clean and yet still glamourous and is a great way for brides to create a distinct wedding look which is really on-trend.

contemporary winter wedding flower ideas

What is your advice for brides on a tight budget?

You can use flowers en mass but if you can’t afford so many big statement pieces, you can increase effect by placing flowers at varying heights in slimmer decorative vases.  Also enhance a look with grand props such as vases and candles which are relatively inexpensive.  You want something which is going to WOW your guests for the whole day.
red floral winter flowersI love chatting to the experts and hearing their passion.  I’m sure this has given you plenty of inspiration but if you want more head to Red Floral’s website –