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I’m always on the look out for new and unique ideas for my Bijou client Weddings, this is too good not to share.  Photobooths are so 2012, next year will be all about the Wedding temporary tattoo stand.  The clever chicks at Doris Loves ( came up with the idea of giving Wedding guests something different after one of their own Weddings.  Now they’ve decided to share the fun with a pop up stand and team that can travel to your celebrations.

wedding temporary tattoo standWhat’s even more awesome about this Wedding temporary tattoo stand idea, is that you can design your own Wedding tattoos for your guests perhaps your initials or an element of your stationery.  If that doesn’t float your boat you can stick with hearts, moustaches, anchors and all manner of designs to wow your guests.
wedding temporary tattoo station diy
Temporary tattoos are all the rage after Chanel used them to adorn their catwalk models and Topshop followed suit with a rock and roll range.  Check out this little fashionista in the making, I love that it will entertain guests of all ages.
wedding temporary tatto station entertainment

Love it?  Thought you might.  Find out more at Doris Loves:

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