Monday July 15 2013.


I’ve been so excited about sharing this styled shoot that I had the pleasure of being involved in, it’s all kinds of fun.  I’ll let the delightful Gwenda of The Vintage Floral Design Co. tell you more “The concept for this project had been bubbling away in my mind for ages – I shared it with Jeanette of Cocoon Photography and fortunately she agreed that it was worth running with! Meeting with her and Kim, we identified 12 main wedding industry specialties (hence they became affectionately known as my ‘Calendar Girls’) and assigned to each someone who was both a respected industry professional and a good friend. I didn’t want to make the brief too restrictive or too daunting – the central idea was to use your products/tools of the trade to dress your setting and to convey the essence of you as well as your brand – but most importantly, everyone was encouraged to step out of their usual comfort zones.”

Photographer Jeanette continues “I met the lovely Gwenda at a previous styled shoot (incidentally hosted by the fabulously talented Charlotte from Wilden Bride), and Gwenda and I got thinking. Why is it that we always do shoots for brides to be, but never for the people who work so tirelessly behind the scenes? After all, without the photographer, the cake maker, the dress maker, the shoe maker, the make-up, hair, videographer, blogger, florist, stationer, jeweller or bouquet people, there wouldn’t necessarily be the dream wedding that everyone wants. So, we decided to plan a shoot to celebrate these fabulous people!!! Kim and myself don’t shoot weddings at all – we have done in the past, but have sedately stepped away, so it was lovely to step back into the wedding industry again. We had a ball, and loved every second of shooting 12 gorgeous ladies in one very long day.”

Here is what we got up to, I am sure all the model’s thoughts will resonate with you brides and hopefully inspire you to have some self belief in front of the camera lens on your wedding day.


For most brides, it all starts with the wedding dress so sweet designer Charlotte of Wilden Bride London would definitely be Miss January.

wedding industry calendar girls

“As I delve deeper into my business making intricate gowns for my brides I find less and less time to beautify myself, so this was an amazing opportunity to give myself a little more confidence in the spotlight. Being a creatrice of beautiful gowns, my space has to be an inspiration too, I absolutely must have my pretty ribbons, sparkling beaded embroideries and delicate fabrics and findings wherever I go! Floral wallpapered cupboards are strangely magical too, and make simple task of selecting a dress from a rail so much more fun! (yes, it is possible to be more fun than it already was!)”

charlotte wilden bride london

Wedding Dresses – Charlotte, Wilden Bride


Next stop, the invitations and if you’re looking for elegance Jinder is your girl.

jinder wedding industry calendar girls

“As a brand, my company, The Finer Details, is synonymous with creating classic, elegant and luxurious stationery. If you were to bump into me on the street however, you would see that I do not represent this classic and elegant style. Being a mum of two, with a busy home life to juggle alongside my business means I try and be as casual as can be. In fact one of the HUGE luxuries of working from my home based studio, and rarely having to meet clients in the flesh, means that I can often be found in my jim-jams! So when the opportunity arose to be photographed in the setting of my work I could hardly turn up in my PJs. It was lovely to have the chance to get glamed up and do so in the presence of such an amazingly talented group of creatives.”

the finer details jinder

Wedding Stationery – Jinder, The Finer Details


On the day, you need your glam squad to prettify and pouf, make-up artist supremo Katy is up next.

wedding calendar girls make up
“Like most wedding professionals, I’m much more used to bustling around behind the scenes, so actually being photographed face on, instead of the back of my head doing a brides lippy was an experience! It was lovely to get the Chance to feel special and use all the tricks I pull on my brides for myself. My favourite part though was hanging out with such a fab group. It can be lonely travelling around working alone, so bring part of such a talented team was wonderful.”

make up by katy

Make Up Artist – Katy Angelidi, Make Up by Katy


And next up with the Wedding Industry Calendar girls it is hairstylist supremo Beckie.

beckies bridal hair
“Being a hairstylist my appearance is never documented. My hair is permanently on the top of my head and I’m always in comfy clothes and shoes so I was never going to let this opportunity pass me by. Dressing up in a beautiful gown and shoes, not to mention being pampered for the day, made me feel like a film star! Sitting in front of that mirror really brought out my inner Marilyn!”

wedding hairstylist uk

Hair Stylist – Beckie, Beckie’s Bridal Hair


Once you’re preened it is time for those all important accessories and I love Caroline’s vintage inspired designs.

Rosie Weisenkrantz
“I have always been a closet chorus girl, with a passion for all things singing and dancing. With a lifetime of flea markets and trinketry behind me, I seem to have grown a closet full of top hats, vintage petticoats, feather boas and lace up boots that rarely see the light of day. The photo shoot was a wonderful and mad opportunity to burst out of my closet singing and dancing. Sometimes it’s good to make an exhibition of oneself!”

caroline of Rosie Weisenkrantz

Jewellery – Caroline, Rosie Weisenkrantz


Usually the last item you will put on before exiting your hotel or home will be the shoes and Marsha Hall will ensure your tootsies are best dressed.

marsha hall bridal shoes

“As a bespoke footwear designer it’s all about combining beautiful designs, elegant shapes and other people’s vision. I hand craft all the shoes in my studio so the fit has to be as perfect as the design. Comfort and glamour are what’s important to my customers so I spend every day thinking how to fulfil others dreams. Although when I’m working on the shoes I look as far from glamorous as you can imagine. So when I was offered the opportunity to be “in their shoes” for a while and be the glamorous one, I must admit it was like a dream come true for me. Although the shoes were super comfy, I felt completely out of my comfort zone but love the styling and the look of the shots. I felt very glam!”

marsha hall shoes

Shoes – Marsha, Marsha Hall


Then it’s time to get papped by a photography expert like Heline Bekker.  This is one lady who shouldn’t hide behind the camera, look at how beautiful she is.

heline bekker photography

“Being a photographer, it suited me that I was always behind the camera. I’m terribly shy, but deep down I also want to look pretty and have some gorgeous images of myself. This shoot has allowed me to feel good about myself again and has put a spring in my step!”

heline bekker

Wedding Photographer – Heline, Heline Bekker Photography


After some snaps with your girls it’s time to grab that bouquet and head down the aisle.  If you’re looking for something quirky to carry, check out Beaubuttons button bouquets.

beau buttons

“Since starting my company, Beaubuttons, I’ve managed to earn myself the name of ‘The Button Lady’! When this shoot opportunity came my way I thought it would be a fabulous time to completely indulge in my love of those gorgeous little things, buttons. Based (very loosely) on the iconic scene from American beauty, you know… Naked beauty laying on a bed of rose petals, we came up with the styling for my shoot. Jeanette was amazing at putting me at ease, even though I was scantily clad with some strategically placed buttons! It was wonderful to be part of such a creative collaboration.”

emma beau buttons

Button Bouquets – Emma, Beaubuttons


If anyone was going to represent Spring in this Wedding industry Calendar Girls shoot it would have to be Lady Gwenda and her amazing floral creations.

the vintage floral design co

“I wanted to convey the spectrum of ‘vintage’ styling, from softness to strength, light to shade – as well as the quirky details that my personal style is peppered with. Once my time in the spotlight/bathtub was over, I was on hand to help with the styling as required (once I had removed little scraps of gypsophila from unmentionable places!) but everyone was wonderfully well prepared and really committed themselves to the success of the project.”

wedding industry calendar girls gwenda

Flowers – Gwenda, The Vintage Floral Design Co.


That all important photo moment, cutting the cake.  Ensuring that the cake is photo ready and delicious is Crumbs Couture.

wedding calendar girls cake

“I normally appear at shoots wearing comfortable clothes with a smear or two of buttercream on my face, so it was wonderful to be asked to be in front of the camera this time! Until this shoot, I had always set up my dessert tables and then discreetly left the venue, so sitting on the dessert table in my apron was certainly something different. The best part of the day was getting the chance to have a natter & a giggle with so many hugely talented ladies, many of whom I consider to be friends rather than simply fellow wedding industry professionals. The pictures reflect the relaxed & creative atmosphere that was flowing through the house on the day. Well done to all involved!”

crumbs couture

Wedding Cake: Harpreet, Crumbs Couture –


And capturing all the magic of the day on film you need to call on a wedding videographer like the vivacious Ines of Vis-à-Video.

vis a video

“Creating films that make everyone else look amazing or filming behind the scenes of a photo shoot I kind of got used to never being in the spotlight. Blending into the background, discretion and unobtrusiveness are my middle names but when the opportunity presented itself in the form of this amazing photo shoot there were only three things for it: fret, panic and channel my inner Bond Girl/ Sally Bowles. Armed with nothing more than my original vintage cine cam, whose early exploits can be traced back about 45 years to some dubious footage of my three year old self reciting Christmas poems, I was ready. Bursting out from behind my camera in front of someone else’s made a great change and was an incredible way to express a bit of individuality of my own. And you know what? It felt awesome!”

wedding videographer

Wedding Videographer – Ines, Vis-à-Video


And finally there is little old Bijou me.
the bijou brideRepresenting the bloggers in this Wedding industry calendar girls shoot, I wanted to throw every wedding-related thing you could think of onto one desk what can you spot?  I hate having my photo taken but Jeanette is so friendly and put me at ease straight away.  I want to take this opportunity to thank all the amazing team, what a fab bunch.

alexandra the bijou bride

I absolutely loved having something different done with my hair, especially when it involved baby pink hair extensions.  You can view the tutorial by Lisa (Essex Wedding Beauty) here – link

hairstyle with baby pink extensions

Final words from the brains behind the shoot Gwenda “There were a few dark horses amongst the ladies, that’s for sure! It certainly was a long day, but I am so thrilled with the results – mission accomplished.”


PHOTOGRAPHY – Jeanette & Kim of Cocoon Photography
HAIR – Lisa of Essex Wedding Beauty
MAKE-UP – Hayley of Flair Beauty