Friday March 3 2017.


The wonderful Emma Riddell, Director of Weddings and Events at Goose and Berry is back today to talk us through wedding food stations.  Informal dining and particularly food stations seem to be a really popular choice with my Bijou couples this year.  Presentation, interaction and variety are becoming a priority when it comes to food.  As we are all loving a clash of cultures when we dine out and in particular street food it’s inevitable that this has filtered down into weddings.  Emma and I have been working on a few events with this common theme so there was no one else I wanted to grill on their top tips.  Over to Emma…

wedding food stations antipasti

Depending on how ‘full on’ you want to go with the wedding food stations idea, there are so many options. Used in either the reception, for evening food or the show stopping main food part of the day (or perhaps all) there are several types of food stations that you could have and here are our favourites!

Dessert/Patisserie station – Oh hello tasty treats! The most versatile of all food stations, make it all about one feature dessert whether that be cupcakes, waffles or ice cream or go wild with an abundant selection of yumminess,  choosing desserts that you and your partner both love, let your guests indulge themselves in your favourite sweet treats

dessert food station weddingAntipasti – Traditionally served as a first course in its country of origin – Italy, why not serve in replacement of a seated starter? Think bountiful amounts of charcuterie, pickled veg, fruit, cheese, breads and dips. Dress your station with herbs and green foliage; add a splash of colour with beetroot dips and various delicious fruit. (Blood oranges, raspberries, figs) Incorporating lots of different materials such as wood, marble, glass etc. will give your antipasti station the ‘wow factor’ it deserves.

goose and berry catering wedding food stations

Buddha Bowl or Poke Bar – Many are choosing a more health conscious lifestyle and then can translate into weddings too. Consider a Buddha bowl bar or poke bar. Select a host of nourishing and super tasty goodies and fill your bowl to the brim. Poke is set to be a huge trend in 2017; rice, fish, veg and some big flavours! Pair with another trend – tropical, style with palm leaves, foliage galore and bold, bright colours to match the colour combo of all the ingredients and leave guests with a happy and healthy feeling.

Raw/Sushi bar – Why not opt for a sushi or raw bar at your wedding? How very fitting if you’re lucky enough to be tying the knot on beach or you’ve chosen a nautical theme. Your guests can graze upon fresh, vibrant flavours whilst enjoying a glass of bubbles. Prawns, mussels, oysters and crab are great to add in if you want to make it more of a seafood station and think about serving ceviche with a seaweed and kale salad – how very on trend right now! Serve on and within Perspex trays filled with crushed ice, consider using bright whites and metallic to compliment and draw attention to the sushi. 

sushi bar wedding

Cheese Stations – Who doesn’t love cheese! There are so many cheeses you can select and a wealth of tastes, flavours, textures and smells! Yes, stinking bishop, we are talking about you! Pair your cheeses with items that will enhance the tastes – add an abundance of fruits (dried or fresh), veg, chutneys and biscuits. You can keep the styling fairly simple, much like your antipasti, wood and marbles look great – make it all about the cheese!

Our top tips for wedding food stations:

  • Choose a theme or selection of food and dishes that you would like served. These may be linked to the overall style of your wedding. You may have travelled to certain countries as a couple and so would like food of those countries served – a different one on each food station. Once that is sorted, think about how you want it presented or served.
  • Where would you like the food stations and stalls to be located. Will they be outside – great if it’s a summer wedding but not so ideal in winter. You might like to have them near to the dining tables so it’s easier for guests to wander round and choose. It may be fun to have them in different parts of the venues to make it like a foodie tour, if so, consider signs and theming a room or area.
  • You could use a simple table for the food station and dress it to the nines or perhaps an old cart or create a stall out of old crates and wood depending on your style.
  • Dress with linens, florals and props; adding depth by using different sized cake stands, boxes and objects to create height and textural elements.
  • Do you want food to be self-service or served by waiting staff.  Add in little cute signs and serving spoons if self-service. A waiter is handy to have to guide guests and help with the service and manage portion control!

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