Sunday December 1 2013.


This week I’ve been getting my bake on with new book Wedding Cakes by Rosalind Miller, a how-to guide for creating and decorating high end wedding cakes.  I know Rosalind whose won ‘Wedding Cake Designer of the Year’ for two years running and can’t believe she’s giving away her trade secrets for making masterpieces like this Enchanted Forest design.

rosalind miller book

Her cake creations are nothing short of stunning, beautifully assembled tiers and the book is packed full of luxurious inspiration as well as being a very precise manual for novices such as myself.  If you are thinking of baking your own wedding cake and want to impress, I recommend you get your hands on a copy.  I was particularly impressed with the initial technique and tips pages, tool guides and handy sugar craft templates at the back.  Keeping the sponge, syrup and filling recipes separate allows you to mix and match, I decided to give the raspberry and vanilla flavour sponge a whirl with lemon buttercream icing.

I can report that the instructions are super easy to follow with the step-by-step photography being a big help.   For example I had no idea you could freeze sponge once cooled, genius as you can take your time, especially seeing as I only have one cake tin!  I’ve also never trimmed a cake but the semi-frozen sponge state was much easier to work with.  I split the baking and assembling out over a couple of evenings and was really happy with the result, my best and neatest cake yet.  However it was so tall that I couldn’t put on the cake stand lid, lucky it didn’t matter as between Mr Bijou and my pals it hasn’t hung around long.  I did manage to get a photo though before it was devoured.

DIY wedding cake guide

Although I didn’t attempt the sugar crafting (which really is the star of the book), I’ve picked up so many fabulous tips and this book will be my go-to for any future cake baking.  The cake designs which range from Art Deco to Bees and Blossoms can be replicated to the letter but you could also pick and mix from the techniques of each design to make your own unique wedding creation.  And of course have great fun practising!  I’ll be giving the peonies a go for my red velvet Christmas cake.

wedding cakes by rosalind miller DIY

Now I’m off to dig into the last slice of my raspberry delight, happy Sunday all, nom nom nom.

wedding cakes by rosalind miller

You can view an extract of Wedding Cakes by Rosalind Miller at