Sunday October 6 2013.


After a short stint sugar ban to fit into my holiday bikini, I’m now firmly back to being friendly to my sweet tooth.  Today’s post was inspired by a conversation with one of my clients (over tea and cake of course) about wedding cake alternatives to the sponge norm.  I hope you find some inspiration in the delicious images below.

wedding cake alternatives


1.  I have to credit my mum for finding this little gem, The Ginger Pig and their luxe multi-tiered towers of pork and pastry.  Perhaps the most unusual of these wedding cake alternatives, your wedding pie will be handmade to order with your choice of fillings and adornments.  Perfect for the couple that lack a sweet tooth.

Find out more about Wedding pies and tiered pork pie cakes at The Ginger Pig –

2.  Are you a fellow Great British Bake Off addict?  If so and you loved everything from pastry week than a Croquembouche could be your cake alternative.  Often presented at stylish French and Italian weddings a Croquembouch is a French dessert consisting of choux pastry balls piled into a cone and bound with threads of caramel.  Scrumptious.  To serve as your dessert simply break up and present a few balls with a dash of cream or vanilla sauce.

This delicious Croquembouche was crafted by Le Papillon Patisserie –

3.  Cake Pops, still a fave of mine.  One of my summer brides actually opted for cake pops instead of a traditional wedding cake.  There were brides and grooms fashioned in their likeness along with a range of Australian and English icons think telephone boxes, black cabs and koalas.  A great talking point for any wedding.

Bride & Groom Cake Pops by Baby Bea’s Bake Shop –

4.  You will have seen this one before on Bijou but something this awesome deserves mentioning twice!  Recreate your youth with a serving of jelly and ice cream instead of traditional spongey wedding cake.  Guaranteed to surprise your wedding guests.

Find out more about Bompas & Parr’s bespoke Jelly creations at –

5.  Last on my list of wedding cake alternatives is the donut.  Krispy Kreme fans, did you know you can create towers of donut loveliness for your ‘wedding cake’.  Gives you a great excuse for regular visits to Krispy Kreme, all in the name of flavour research of course!

Discover donut towers and custom Krispy Kremes at –