Wednesday October 30 2013.


You must get tired of hearing my voice so it’s with great pleasure that I’m welcoming our bridesmaid on the front line, Morgan.   Today Morgan’s combatting Wedding awkwardness, one mini-cupcake at a time.

Weddings are beautiful, magical events that can be littered with their awkward and sometimes uncomfortable situations.  As my sister’s recently-appointed maid of honour, I have quickly learnt that it is my job to help the bride with whatever she needs!  The last thing I want is for my sister to spend the day worrying about everyone else, so as my first bridesmaid task I’ve been gathering ideas to keep the wedding awkwardness at bay.


First thing’s first – considering the seating arrangements carefully, as it’s likely that most guests will not know each other.  There may be a few tables filled with friends who all went to high school or college together, but odds are that many tables will be composed of strangers, or acquaintances at best.  In this scenario I’m helping my sister ensure that we do our best to group people who may have met before together first, along with seating groups of couples and nuclear families together.  But even more care is needed with the people we know are arriving alone who we want to do our best to avoid pushing into a corner.  And it’s not just the who sits on what table but also the formation of the tables that needs to be considered – so much to think about.  From personal experience I know it is undoubtedly awkward to sit at a table with a group of people you don’t know which brings me perfectly to my first bridesmaid find.

table numbers by LouBrown Designs

Vintage Styled Wedding Table Numbers by LouBrown Designs on Etsy www.etsy.com/uk


Dinner is possibly the most awkward part of the day for people so why not introduce a few optional games to get guests talking.  I say optional because, I’m the kind of person who gets anxious with forced icebreakers.  A game or two can be played between courses at dinner, pitting table against table with a fun bride and groom quiz or just guest against guest.  Whilst browsing my sister’s preferred wedding gift page (on Red Envelope), I came across the idea of having a conversation table topics game, which would allow guests to get to know each other through various thoughtful and fun questions.  My sister absolutely adored the idea, and decided to DIY it so it will work with her decor.

wedding awkwardness DIY escort cards

DIY Conversational Escort Card by Project Wedding. Check out the tutorial here: www.projectwedding.com


To ensure that guests of all ages have fun, you can’t just rely on the band or DJ (but if you do, allow for requests).  The biggest entertainment trend I’ve noticed (and for good reason) is the addition of photobooths.  I’m helping my sister find silly yet stylish props for everyone to use.  Also, as there will be kids in tow we are planning to include a kids’ corner with simple activities for them, even if it’s drawing a picture of the bride and groom.  There are endless ideas (interactive guestbooks, sparklers, piñatas, outdoor games, etc.), so my advice is to throw some out there to the bride and see if you can come up with options that fit the wedding theme and style.


The wedding cake in the face is an age-old tradition my sister wants to avoid, they’ll be no cake smeared in with her wedding make-up.  So we are currently looking at the idea of mini-cupcakes or cake pops instead of one large cake, getting inspiration from this Pinterest board – www.pinterest.com/peleganceevents.  I’ve found that the cupcakes can be arranged in tiers to look like a wedding cake, therefore eliminating the need for cutting whilst making serving much easier.  Everybody loves cupcakes, and the guests will be excited to have a treat that gives the wedding cake tradition a bit of a twist.  I find the cake table is always a talking point too so we’re looking at theming the cake pops or cupcakes to match the decor.

wedding cake pops by the cakepop company

Wedding Cake Pops by The Cakepop Company – www.thecakepopcompany.co.uk