Sunday April 7 2013.


Hello and Happy Sunday from Las Vegas!  In this whizzy age, there is an abundance of tech at your finger tips to help make planning and preparing for your wedding that bit easier.  Today I wanted to share my top 5 favourite wedding apps.

wedding aps

1. Wedding Inspiration

For sheer inspiration and planning it has to be the Wedding Inspiration app by  It’s an endless stream of high quality wedding photos that you can use as an ideas board and share with friends or in most cases click to buy.  And all for FREE!  Hours of fun swooning over dresses, hairstyles and decor to be had.

Download it now at:

2.  Workout

I’m frightfully time poor and refuse to waste money on a gym, any of you brides know that feeling?  Discovering this range of workout apps has been a god send.  My favourite is the Abs Workout which with short 5mins options means I have no excuses not to do it and they really work.  The Yoga workout is also great and I have yet to work my way through the rest.  They are all free but I upgraded my Abs workout app as I prefer the randomize option so my body’s always surprised.  The perfect app for busy brides.

Find out more about the various workouts here:

3.  Wedding Snap

A clever start up Wedding Snap is a photo sharing website, complete with an iPhone and Android wedding app, that gathers all the pictures your guests take at your wedding into one online album.  No more searching through Facebook for shots you may have missed or begging your guests to send their cameras and photos to you.  You simply sign up for Wedding Snap and your guests can then download the app for free and access the online album with a code.  And they’ve even thought of those guests that don’t possess a smartphone, they can upload their pictures from home after the wedding.  So simple, so effective.

Find out more at:

4. Instagram

An oldie but a goodie, how else are you going to show off your wedding purchases and behind the scenes moments!

See what I get up to:

5.  WeddingHappy 

Stay on track with this savvy little wedding app provides a customised checklist based on your wedding date and reminds you of what’s due and when.  A task a day, keeps the bridezilla at bay!

Download it for free at: