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Fashion savvy brides (and Jennifer Aniston if you’re reading) today’s post is for you!  The Watters 2013 collection is lush with colour, ruffles, lace, pleats and pretty details plus we’ve got world famous designer Vatana Watters to talk us through the designs.

watters talia gown

Talia Gown

Before I hand you over to the inspirational Ms Watters let me introduce you… Vatana is the President and Founder of Watters the innovative design house that serves up fresh and modern styles for the bride as well as her bridesmaids, flower girls and mother.  Over the past year I have fallen in love with this polished brand and the team behind the scenes who are thoroughly charming.  So let’s take a tour through the Watters 2013 collection with expert Vatana as our guide.

vatana watters

Vatana Watters

1.    What inspires your designs?

“Inspiration is an interesting thing; it comes in many forms and places. It can come from a trip overseas, a shopping trip or even as simple as a stroll down the street. Keeping abreast of current trends is important as well as revisiting the past I have a particular affinity for the old masters such as Christian Dior, Givenchy, Balenciaga and Lanvin to name a few. I still take trips to vintage stores to see what treasures might await me because vintage shopping is still a passion of mine. There are techniques that have been lost and vintage finds are a way to renew my senses.'”

watters soledad

Soledad Gown {Style 3092B}

2.    How did you draw from those inspirations for your 2013 Collection?

“The iconic architecture of Vizcaya and the warm aqua waters, soft breeze and the lively people of Miami were the inspiration behind the 2013 Watters collection. The collection was broken down into three groups, Deco/Vizcaya, La Dama and Nature to reflect the new and vintage Miami. Deco/Vizcaya is the group that reflects the bold and iconic architecture of old Miami. From clean lines mixed with intricate renaissance scrolls and elaborate draping add a modern twist to classic silhouettes. La Dama, is the lady like group. Luxurious  satins, exquisite laces  and soft organzas with demur necklines pay homage to the true Miami lady. Styles in the Nature group were inspired by the breathtaking views. Gorgeous pale pink sunsets and exotic lush gardens are reflected in the color, embroideries, beading and hand crafted details of the  collection.”

watters 2013 collection esperanza

Esperanza Gown {Style 3076B}

3.    Watters is known for incredible detail; what are some of the new details you’ve added to the 2013 collection?

“I think of lace, the comeback of lace. Lace is timeless traditional and yet can be modern. It is tricky to work with lace. The lace pattern, width, weight dictates how design can incorporate lace into a gown. The finished gown using lace can be truly amazing.” 

watters 2013 collection jessica

Jessica Gown {Style 3073B}

4.     If a bride wanted to be current with her look, but not take too much of a risk, what is the one bridal trend of 2013 that you’d suggest for her to try?

“Color. Color is an emerging trend and no every bride is going to wear a non white or non ivory dress, but get creative and incorporate color into your wedding day look with accessories. This season we did a collaboration with jewelry designer Thomas Knoell, and with his perfectly polished hand crafted pieces you can incorporate color into your  wedding.”

watters 2013 collection

Talia Gown {Style 3035B}

5.      Which celebrity bride would you like to dress.

“Jennifer Aniston. What would I design. I would guess she will have a  ceremony “on the beach somewhere warm like Mexico or the Caribbean,” V-neck chiffon gown with a fly away skirt for her upcoming nuptials would be perfect. The different layers of chiffon cascading down the silhouette—and beaded at the edges for a touch of twinkle—play with opacity in key areas that the actress tends to bare most often, such as the bodice and legs. Jennifer has a very sophisticated and daring style, she is very adventurous with necklines and fabrics but likes to show off her very toned and tan body. Wouldn’t you ?”

jennifer aniston wedding dress

Image by Vatana Watters

Massive thanks to Vatana for that sneak peek into her methods and inspiration.  You can view the complete Watters 2013 collection on their website, visit:

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