Sunday July 15 2012.


Water is your best friend.  Simple.


Luckily I’ve always been an H2O fan as fizzy drinks make my teeth feel fuzzy but it still surprises that not everyone is a convert.  On the run up to your Wedding, try to drink 1.5 litres (roughly 8 tall glasses) per day and you’ll soon notice:

* Brighter, clearer skin as water has a cleansing effect on the body

* Increased energy, being dehydrated can make you feel weak and tired

* Improved digestion, as water encourages the flushing of toxins through the body

* Weight loss, replacing your usual calorific fizzy drinks, juices or coffees will lead to a natural drop in pounds

As a note of caution, beware of  ‘nutrient water’ ‘vitamin water’ and other such varieties as they can contain a surprising amount of sugar.