Tuesday November 8 2011.


I am honoured to be featuring the work of Los Angeles based photographer Jessica Sterling on the blog today and a beautiful bride who strived for an authentic vintage look.

Bride Christina did not have a particular theme in mind when she began to plan her wedding to Brian but she did know one thing,  that as a bride she would wear a 1930’s gown.  Christina told me “I am a museum curator specializing in historic fashion and love Deco and Moderne styles” and you can witness that love of the vintage in these fantastic images from her beautiful wedding captured by Jessica Sterling.


Christina explained “I knew a 1930s bias gown would flatter my frame. I really wanted something with grace and patina. I ended up purchasing a circa 1932 satin evening gown from a vintage dealer, who mailed me a few different dresses to try on at home. I lucked out because one fit perfectly and I didn’t need to alter it.”  Christina was incredibly lucky, Bijou brides be prepared for disappointment when looking for an authentic vintage wedding gown and also allow time for alterations just as you would with a new designer wedding dress.

Christina accessorised her vintage gown with a wax orange blossom headpiece and 1940’s lace veil, her shoes however were new.

True to her word it was only once bride Christina had purchased her vintage wedding gown, that she could start picturing the rest of the wedding day.  “The venue, invitations, flowers, cake – even the band – were all related stylistically to my gown and to 1930’s and 1940’s styles. It wasn’t a conscious decision, it just all worked out that way and ended up being a very cohesive “look”!


Groom Brian opted to wear a new suit but like his bride could not resist touches of the vintage, Christina explains how “He added a white carnation just as his grandfather had worn at his wedding and also wore a vintage tie from the 1940’s.


Christina advises Bijou brides to “Stay true to the style you love and everything will work out beautifully!

Congratulations to this utterly divine couple, may everything in your marriage be beautiful.  Bijou kisses x

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