Sunday January 26 2014.


Can you feel the love?  Now a long, dry January is coming to a close it’s all hearts and flowers for this months Valentine Etsy finds.

valentine etsy finds

1.  This is the cutest Valentine idea and something I’ll be doing for Mr Bijou (ssshh don’t tell!)  a custom message in a bottle.  But what to say?  Or more importantly how to fit it all onto a small piece of paper?

Valentines Message in a bottle by Sepia Smiles –

2.  I’m finding a renewed passion for rings and in particular loading up thin gold bands on my pale pink painted fingers.  This hollow gold heart ring is totally Valentine worthy, a nod to the event without being garish.

My Handmade Heart Ring by Amarilo –

3.  I’m trying to slowly introduce a hint of colour into the solely grey and white interiors of my home.  Cushions seem like the cheap and easy option, chevron prints are still cool aren’t they?

Pink Gold Chevron Pillow by Case Case Bang Bang –

4.  You all know how much I enjoy the wrapping as much as the gift itself and I’m gunning for kraft paper and neon pinks this year.

Neon Pink Heart Gift Wrap Set by Neon London –

5.  Like a good meal this Valentine Etsy finds is finishing with a sweet.  Marshmallows are this year’s macarons and I love the idea of heart shaped ones for a sweet Valentine gift, they’d work equally well as wedding favours don’t you think?

Coconut Marshmallow Hearts by Tillee Vanillee –