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Pin what?  If you are not yet familiar with Pinterest, in essence it is a virtual pinboard that allows you to pin an interest using images found around the world wide web.  People create Pinterest boards for all sorts of reasons whether it be ideas for interior design projects or a collection of cute cats,  DIY hairstyle tutorials to wedding planning and everything in between.  In today’s post I wanted to not only welcome you to the Pin gang but also provide a guide to using Pinterest for wedding planning.

pinterest propaganda poster

Pinterest Propaganda Poster by Justonescarf Design

Pinterest are hitting the UK this month to celebrate and share the loving of pinning.  300 UK bloggers, myself included, have been asked to discuss why and how we use Pinterest before we Pin It Forward and introduce you to another great pin addicted blogger.  So how do I use Pinterest:

Using Pinterest for Wedding Planing

It is not surprising that a lot of clients come to me feeling overwhelmed by wedding magazines, friends opinions, family expectations and protocol.  As their wedding planner it is my job to dispel with stress and create a wedding that is truly them in every way.  Pinterest is a great place to start when it comes to the overall look and feel of the day.  I ask my clients to take a look at my Decor Delicious board (take a peek here: Decor Delicious) and discuss the styles and ideas they love.

using pinterest for wedding planning

You’d be amazed at how quickly a theme starts to materialise – a vintage vibe, chic minimalism, DIY inclinations, big party desires or just colour preferences.

1.  If you are not working with a wedding planner you can also achieve this by searching on Pinterest using keywords such as wedding, wedding decor, wedding table etc and then using the ‘Pin It’ button (this will pop up when you hover over an image you like) and adding it to your own board.

2.  Once you have a clear direction for your celebration, I then suggest setting up separate boards for each element – the tables, flowers, bridal party attire etc.  These will not only help you refine your wedding style but are also a great discussion tool with suppliers such as your florist.  There are Pinterest apps for tablets and smart phones so your boards will never be far away.

3.  If there are particular items you simply have to have, just click on the image to enlarge it and then click on it again to be taken to the original source of the image which should include a link to the retailer where appropriate.

4.  And the most important tip, make sure your boards are set to PRIVATE as your pins will pop up on Facebook and special wedding plans will be known to all.  When you create a board the final tab gives you the option to set to ‘secret’, select yes and you’ll still be able to invite selected people to pin or comment.

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Hedy Lamarr in ‘Ziegfield Girl’, 1941

And now it’s my turn to Pin It Forward and introduce you to the American girl in London, Lauren Knight who writes the delectable Aspiring Kennedy lifestyle blog.  My favourite Aspiring Kennedy Pinterest board has to be For The Home, Lauren’s cool finds and inspiring interior images are making me seriously consider a redecoration project.
aspiring kennedy

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And of course Lauren’s Pinterest boards –

And you can find me and my wedding decor, fashion, hair, venue, sweet treats and heaps more Pinterest boards here:

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