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I am beyond excited to have Queen of the Cake and recent newlywed Anmar from CRUMB sharing her Guide to all things Sweet at your wedding.  Without further ado I’m going to hand over to the lady herself but be warned you will be left with a distinct urge to eat cake after reading!

Hello there lovely Bijou brides! I’m Anmar of CRUMB – Bespoke Suffolk cakes and I’m absolutely delighted to be able to provide some inspiration, tips and secrets all about beautiful (wedding) cakes with you on The Bijou Bride! *Happy dance*


I don’t really like “pin pointing” trends when it comes to a wedding cakes as I firmly believe that ‘a cake should be an expression of yourself and an interpretation of everything that you love.’  I even made this statement CRUMB’S slogan!

You need to make sure that your cake fits into your own theme and taste, talk to your partner and decide together on the flavors that you want. (Remember – each tier can be a different flavor!)  Decide on the theme of the cake and if you want a traditional looking cake, an alternative/ modern cake or something a bit more simple.

Search the internet and your favorite wedding blogs and magazines for ideas to share with your cake designer but remember they can’t copy a cake exactly as this is not fair toward the original designer.  Everyone is different – your cake should represent YOU!  It’s all about unique Wedding cakes.

(I recently designed a cake for a wedding where the bride and groom are part of a Viking re-enactment group. Their entire wedding was traditionally styled, but they decided on a 25” chocolate viking ship cake! It looked truly amazing and represented them in the perfect way – they even chopped the cake with an axe!)

Now search for INSPIRATION. Inspiration is all around us and when it comes to weddings – it is truly endless. The design on your wedding stationary can be copied onto your cake, the lace on your dress can be imitated onto your cake with icing, a family heirloom brooch can be made out of icing and draped onto the cake with edible pearls or your cake can be covered in edible flowers matching your bouquet! I’m doing a cake next year where I will be copying the bride’s & groom’s tattoos onto a wedding cake by hand painting them onto the cake!

Once you have all of these inspiring items you can meet with your designer and come up with a truly individual design.

crumb unique wedding cakes


Gone are the days that cakes have to be a big, tiered, flower covered cakes. Although traditional cakes will always be and stay in fashion – new and alternative ideas for wedding cakes are becoming more and more popular. These are a few ideas that spring to mind:

Cakes can be iced and decorated to theme and be displayed as the CENTREPIECE of your reception tables! This will look amazing at an afternoon picnic or vintage tea party themed wedding!

A selection of delicious cake sponges, frostings and toppings can be displayed in various vases and cake stands on a CAKE BAR that is styled to the theme of your wedding. Use cute cake picks to label all the items – guests can come up and create their own combinations of cake yumminess.

Ask your cake baker to create a CAKE COLLECTION consisting of standard sized cakes that can be displayed and actually become part of your reception decor. In this way you can include your favorite carrot cake, your hubby’s chocolate fix, nana’s rich fruit cake and mum’s favorite – vanilla sponge.

MINI CAKES are very popular. Ask your cake baker to create individual cakes that are all beautifully decorated. A bigger top tier is left for cutting and each cake can be displayed in an acetate box with a thank you note to your guests – doubling up as your wedding favors!

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I’ve compiled a list of questions and notes you can ask when meeting with your cake baker that will make the entire process easier and set your mind at ease.

1.  Find out if your cake designer can supply you with samples of the cake flavors that you are thinking of including in your wedding cake. The taste of the cake is equally important to the “look” of your cake.

2.  Find out who will be setting up the cake on the day and make sure you provide the cake baker with all the information about the venue, who will be there when the baker arrives with your cake and where you want it displayed.

3.  Make sure that the cake is displayed on a stable table in an area of the venue where it will be safe. A cake is work of art and deserves to be displayed in a well lit area where it is “highlighted” and becomes part of the decor of your wedding.

4.  Ask if a cake knife and the stand is included in the price and if you need to provide this yourself. Most cake designers have a collection of beautiful cake stands and knives and will rent it to you for a small additional fee.

5.  If you are going for a rich fruit cake tier and you are planning on keeping it for your one year anniversary or first born’s Christening, make sure you tell your cake designer so that they can provide you with storage information and a box to put it in after the reception for transportation.

6.  Remember to let your cake baker know if there is anything else you want to have displayed on your cake table – very often this might help with the final design of the cake

7.  Its always a good idea to order some individual cake boxes (available through all baking suppliers) for guests to take a piece of cake home with them – this reduces wastage

unique wedding cakes by crumb


CRUMB is a small bespoke design company based in the gorgeous seaside town of Aldeburgh on the Suffolk coast. CRUMB specializes in bespoke, uniquely designed wedding cakes and delivers all over the East Anglia region – and beyond if required!

I use a very effective system to ensure that your cake is not only your wedding cake, but your dream cake that becomes a focal point of your wedding. At our consultation I provide you with delicious samples of your chosen cake flavours. Some of my flavours include Madagascan vanilla pod sponge, Belgian chocolate mousse cake, summer berry sponge, lemon poppy sponge filled with lemoncurd buttercream and the most delicious citrus infused rich fruit cake! At this meeting we look at all the inspirational items and pictures you have brought with and create and agree on your bespoke design. I bake all my cakes myself, using tried & tested recipes and use local and organic ingredients as far as possible. On the day of your wedding I deliver your cake personally, making sure that your cake is perfectly set up and ready for your big day!

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