Sunday June 15 2014.


It is no secret that I’m a complete Daddy’s girl and I’ve always been proud to show him (Ray) off.  On my wedding day my Dad was brilliant and as we walked down the aisle he told me countless naff jokes to stop me from getting too emotional.  Finding unique father of the bride gifts is hard but luckily you have me and the wonderfully creative peeps of Etsy too.

unique father of the bride gifts

1.  If your Dad is anything like mine, he’s the first person you call with a DIY problem.  A personalised hammer is a humorous gift but add a sweet message like “Dad – thank you for helping me build my life.”

Personalised hammer from Cove Calligraphy –

2.  Another slightly tongue-in-cheek idea for unique father of the bride gifts would be the money clip.  If like most, your parents have contributed towards your wedding budget this is a fun thank you.

Custom Hand Stamped Money Clip from C.H Art Therapy –

3.  And now to the more obvious – things to wear which can still be unique father of the bride gifts.  Hidden messages on his collar stiffeners are a lovely keepsake.

Short Personalised Collar Stiffeners from Abercrombie Cumbes –

4.  In a similar vein is the Father of the bride cufflinks which are sure to be treasured.

Father Of The Bride Personalised Cufflinks by The Silver Diva –

5.  Lastly for something small and silly, Father of the Bride socks.  The shoe and sock shot is still popular, so why not get Dad in on the action.

Father Of the Bride Socks from Trunk Of Love –