Sunday October 28 2012.


Bridesmaid shopping can be a nightmare, if you’ve done it you know this.  As did Ariane who was so fed up with spending money on bridesmaid dresses that she never wore again, she decided to design something different for her own bridesmaids.  How does one “enable your closest girlfriends to look and feel beautiful at your wedding while maintaining consistency and elegance for the pictures that will last forever.”  Hmm take one design that can offer maximum versatility to suit every type of (fussy!) bridesmaid and so Twobirds bridesmaid dresses were born.

twobirds bridesmaid dresses

The collection has expanded to a variety of designs that can worn in an unique way to suit each bridesmaid’s body shape and personality.  A couple of clever twists here and there are all you need.  The video tutorials on how to tie the dresses is addictive viewing:

This really is a Sunday love as too many brides tell me how hard they find it to create a consistant style for each of their lovely bridesmaids.  I’m also loving the new colour options on offer – Magenta, Platinum and Regal Purple – trendy choices for 2013 brides.  Oh and they have different dress lengths available to boot.

twobirds bridesmaids collection

twobirds bridesmaid dresses

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