Thursday July 10 2014.


The days of having a gift registry of toasters, kitchen utensils and DIY tools are long gone as you Bijou brides already live with your partner and own these useful items.  So what do you do for a wedding gift list?  If you want something more meaningful than just cash, you’ll love this new take on the traditional registry by Truly Experiences.  Instead of tools and trinkets you can take your pick of luxury wedding gift experiences from exquisite picnics to exclusive holidays, private Michelin star cooking classes to swanky spa days.
Browsing through their website I wanted to do everything, except the trip into Space!  So when a surprise white, ribbon wrapped gift box came through the post box I was bursting with excitement.  The lovely team at Truly kindly invited me to experience their service first hand with a Michelin Star Champagne lunch at Club Gascon, how could I refuse.

mitchelin star luxury wedding gift experiences

As with all good wedding concepts, Truly Experiences was born from the founder’s own frustrations – “I started the company because I needed to buy a wedding present for two of my closest friends. I wanted to get something that they could share and enjoy, and not just something that would sit on a shelf, gathering dust. So, I called up a few Michelin-starred restaurants and asked if I could prepay for tasting menus. The answer was ‘no’ and the closest I got was a ‘memo’ for £200. Frustrated by the lack of high-end gift experiences, I started TRULY.”  From my own perspective, the best wedding gift we received were tickets to an open air production of Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Beautifully apt as our wedding took place during the Summer Solstice and Shakespeare’s play was our theme.  It was thoughtful and I loved having something to get dolled up for.  Your guests will only be too pleased to contribute to something that is just ‘you’.  Whichever luxury wedding gift experiences you select for your registry, it will be the ideal way to beat those post-wedding blues.
As for my Truly experience, stepping into Club Gascon was just like jumping into an episode of Masterchef.  The menu was full of food stuffs I’ve never tasted before, the setting was immaculate and the dishes were beautifully presented.  This really was a treat compared to my usual dining!  The Truly gift card promised that “Celebrated chef Pascal Aussignac will take you on a dramatic gastronomic adventure designed to create vibrant sensory joy.”  And that it was, here come the enticing images…
truly experiencesclub gascon london club gascon menu club gascon dessert The staff knew this was a gift experience and wanted to add their own surprise by inviting us to meet Mr Aussignac himself.  It was amazing to take a rare glimpse behind the scenes into a Michelin star kitchen and it dispelled my belief that all top chefs are slightly un-hinged.  Pascal Aussignac was charming and witty, don’t tell my husband but I walked away with a little crush.
pascal aussignac It was everything is promised to be – something different, special and memorable.  Truly will now be my go when it comes to difficult present buying as well as hosting my own special gift list of course!

Luxury Wedding gift experiences – Truly Experiences
Location – Club Gascon, London
Photography –  Carey Sheffield Photography