Tuesday December 16 2014.


It is the last week before Christmas and I know you’re not really in work mode are you?  To help you wile away the countdown hours I’m reflecting on my top 10 movie wedding dresses.  These are gowns that have stayed with me from the silver screen, not all strictly wedding dresses but bridal worthy nonetheless.  I hope some of your faves are in here too and perhaps a little inspiration for your big day along the way.

1.  Ariel in The Little Mermaid

Disney movies played a huge part of my childhood and I’m sure yours.  The Little Mermaid was one of our family favourites.  In fact my sister and I used to sit drawing our dream wedding dress whilst humming ‘Under the Sea’.  Cinderella’s colour changing dress comes a close second.

disney ariel wedding dress

Ariel in The Little Mermaid spotted on FanPop

2.  Sarah in Labyrinth

You remind me of the babe.  What babe?  The babe with the power… If you know the rest then you’re a Labyrinth fan.  So much of this Eighties classic seeped into popular culture, red and white stripe baby grows, floral waistcoats with baggy shirts, epic mullets  – admittedly not all good things.  However that amazing iridescent dress, I mean there are no words. And rumour has it that there is a sequel in the pipeline after all these years!

labyrinth wedding dress

Jennifer Connelly in Labyrinth spotted on imdb

3.  Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face

It’s criminal but Funny Face is a movie I only discovered recently, OMG the clothes and the dance routines!  For the movie’s final scene Audrey wears this stunning gown designed by Hubert de Givenchy no less.  The iconic fifties short style with full skirt and nipped in waist has had an everlasting effect on brides.

audrey hepburn funny face wedding dress

Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face source Romantique & Rebel blog

4.  Carrie Bradshaw in Sex And The City The Movie

I have a confession, I didn’t particularly care for Carrie’s chosen wedding dress.  Don’t hate me. I just thought all the other designer gowns she wore for the Vogue shoot scene were more Carrie.  If only wedding dress shopping were like this!

top 10 movie wedding dresses

Stills from Sex And The City The Movie available from Amazon

5.  Arwen from Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

Now for something completely different and other worldly. Liv Tyler’s magical elf style was quickly imitated within the wedding world from full on velvet wedding gowns to just stunning silver bridal headdresses.

arwen lord of the rings wedding dress

Still for Lord of the Rings: Return of the King source FanPop

6. Elaine in The Graduate

Who can forget the iconic scene when Dustin Hoffman’s character draws the wedding to a rather dramatic holt.  Said wedding dress is still a popular lace style for today’s bride and I just adore the statement Sixties pouffy veil.

top 10 movie wedding dresses the graduate

Still from The Graduate spotted on Chicago Wedding DJs

7.  Bella Thorne in Twilight

There was so much hype about this fictional wedding and who would be designing the dress.  The honour fell to Carolina Herrera who produced an elegant and timeless wedding gown that the world fell in love with.

twilight wedding dress

Movie still from Summit Entertainment featured on The Daily Mail

8.  Jane Smith in Mr & Mrs Smith

The movie scene that started countless rumours and ultimately the Brangelina tag.  Angelina’s signature style of simple elegance starts here.

mr & mrs smith wedding dress

Mr & Mrs Smith still spotted on PopSugar

9. Shelby in Steel Magnolias

I know there are a few Eighties classics in my top 10 movie wedding dresses but that’s my childhood for you.  Steel Magnolias is the ultimate girls film for me and one I go back to often.  Who could forget the Barbie sick pink wedding, the big hair, the armadillo cake, the dancing, the floating swans on the pool, so much to love from one wedding scene.

steel magnolias wedding dress

Still from Steel Magnolias spotted on iVillage

10. Katniss in The Hunger Games

And lastly the very beautiful Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games.  A futuristic vision of the wedding dress that isn’t sci-fi silver but rather a breathtaking design by Tex Saverio.

katniss wedding dress hunger games

Jennifer Lawrence as featured in Vanity Fair

Have I missed any of your favourites?