Thursday June 14 2012.


Bijou Brides it is a strange paradox that the most expensive dress you will ever buy is the one you will wear for just one day.

Another of my White Gallery finds has focused her whole debut Bridal collection on giving Wedding dresses longevity, let me introduce you to Katya Katya Shehurina.  Describing her collection as “feminine and playful, sometimes very extravagant but cosy at the same time” I can indeed say it is all these things with the mix and match nature of Katya’s Bridal designs.

The premise of the Katya Katya Shehurina Bridal collection is that the Wedding dress is in fact built up using separate parts which can then be worn post Wedding in different combinations using coloured slips or lace tops.

And here are those beautiful lace Wedding dresses mixed with different coloured slips underneath.  I love lace and Katya sources hers from the finest European manufacturers, working with them to create these intricate patterns.

Another option for Brides from Katya Katya Shehurina‘s collection would be to create a bespoke look over a plain white slip dress, for example here with a flower applique, fine chiffon wrapped over the slip to create a whimsical Wedding look.

Or here with a high neck lace bodice tied with ribbons for Grecian glamour.

Or a full length lace coat cinched at the waist with a crystal sash for bohemian romantics.

I love the versatility of Katya’s designs and the fact there are countless combinations for Brides.  Why not buy a multitude of colour slips and continue to enjoy your Wedding dress for date nights, parties or in fact friend’s Weddings.  You can view the rest of the collection at: