Friday December 21 2018.


Adding scent to your wedding probably isn’t something that immediately springs to mind when wedding planning but taking time to consider it will give your wedding a luxurious finishing touch.  Yes you’ll already have picked out your favourite perfume, eau de toilette etc but candles, room atomisers and sprays can provide an immersive element to the whole event from getting ready to going home.  It is now a standard part of the design process with my wonderful clients as smell is one of the most powerful senses and directly linked to memory.  Your carefully chosen scent can be the signature of your wedding enjoyed long after the big day.

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Here are a few things that you should think about when choosing your wedding-day scent, from
scent specialist Champagne and Flamingos:
Remember scents are very seasonal. Choose a scent to complement the time of year you are
marrying in, bearing in mind that this is potentially a different time of year from the big day itself.
Citrus and florals will always work well in spring and summer. Think orange, lime, peony, freesia and
white floral bouquets. For autumn and winter, we tend to turn to woody scents and florals like
jasmine, rose and sandalwood.

signature wedding scent, wedding candles, wedding smell, designing your weddingMatch your scent with your flowers – ideally you should choose them at the same time. Again,
what’s available will be season-dependent. Chat it all through with your florist because if scent is a
big thing for you, you will want everything to work in harmony.
Does your venue allow candles? If not, you have other options, like diffusers, room atomisers and
electric dry air scent delivery systems, but obviously candles add a romantic glow so should always
be first choice, if possible.
Focus your chosen scent on the reception rooms.  Keep it more subtle in the dining room to avoid
any potential conflict with the aroma of the food. The rooms where the bridal party prepare, the
entrances, ceremony room and the toilets are the best places for guests to experience your chosen

adding scent to your wedding, wedding smell, wedding scent, wedding candles,
You can mix and match non-scented candles and various votives and vessels to ramp up the style.
You should start collecting these as soon as you get engaged to build up a good collection.
If you’ve chosen to get married outside or have an outdoor reception, make sure that the candles
are placed well away from trees and plants and also clear of draughts and breezes so that they don’t
get extinguished.
Adding scent to your wedding can carry through to the favours; small votives, room mists and scented ceramics make the best for your guests and bridal party.  You can even use them to double up as place names with bespoke labels or engraving.

signature wedding scent, wedding candles, wedding smell, designing your wedding
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