Thursday April 25 2013.


Pop quiz – what’s my middle name?  That’s right Titania, William Shakespeare’s Queen of the Fairies in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  So of course I love that the 2014 Temperley bridal collection spied at New York bridal week shares a name with me.  There’ll be more on the 2014 wedding dress trends spotted at New York Bridal week later but this Temperley Bridal Titania Collection warrants a dedicated moment in the Bijou spotlight.

temperley bridal titania collection

Crystal Mirage Dress

A Titania ethereal air is present throughout the collection with flowing skirts, scattered crystals and mini flower details.

temperley bridal titania collection


My personal fave from the Temperley Bridal Titania Collection is this Japonic dress.  Super romantic, it conjures up images of Titania waking from her dream adorned with meadow flowers and sprinklings of fairy dust.

temperley japonic dress


The rest of the collection plays upon that royal quality of it’s name, crafted in silks and chantilly lace and adorned with intricate embellishments.

temperley fern dress


Temperley have also designed luxurious veils to compliment the collection.


Dorothy with Dorothy Veil

As well as belts and sashs to change up the look for different brides.

orchid temperley dress

Orchid with Butterfly Belt

To find out more about this to die for collection visit the Temperley London website: