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I genuinely love my job especially because I get to meet so many superb and talented people.  Today one of those special people, the marvellous Leah from Tea Cup Hire is going to show us that there is more to a tea cup than tea!

tea cup wedding ideas

The decadent little tea cup has started to make quite an appearance at weddings recently, helping brides add a bit of vintage chic to the proceedings.  Their use has been primarily for the drinking of tea at the wedding breakfast but increasingly brides are finding new and quirky ways of putting them to use!

As the owner of and therefore someone with tea cups very close to  their heart I want to showcase all the new ways that tea cups are really coming into their own at weddings as proof that there really is more to tea cups than tea!

1. The classic place setting

This one as the original just has to feature first.. I’ve seen first hand the ahhhh’s of delight from guests when on finding their seat at the reception in the middle is sitting the most gorgeous delicate little tea cup with their name on.

tea cup wedding place setting

2. Tea cup favours

There’s no reason though why you can’t combine your favours with your place names and tea cups for that matter, it is your wedding after all! Filling your tea cups with sweets or fruit would look great on the tables and add a splash of colour.  It is also really handy for people to have something to snack on during the speeches as guests can often be ravenous by then.

tea cup wedding favour

3. Tea cup cocktails

One of my personal faves is the idea of using tea cups instead of champagne flutes as a fun welcome drink. It’ll certainly get people talking and set the scene for more great and quirky things to come throughout the day!!  Here I’ve shown the classic Bellini… made by filling the cup one third full with Peach Nectar and then topped up with Prosecco, stirring as you pour.

tea cup wedding ideas

4. Tea cup bunting

Love new twists on a vintage theme verging on the slightly wacky and outrageous??  You’ll love tea cup bunting! Such a simple idea and all you need are your tea cups and a long ball of strong string.

Tea cup bunting

Here’s how to do it…

Step 1: Cut a length of string as long as you want the bunting to be e.g. the length of the back wall of your top table or even the length of the table if you want them hung on there.

Step 2: Tie each tea cup onto the string to hold them in place, as far apart as you like but the trick is to make them consistent otherwise could look a little messy.

Step 3: Secure the ends of the string firmly in place, ideally needs 2 people, one to secure the end, the other to hold the tea cups to stop them from breaking!

5. Tea cup candles

Candles are great for creating ambiance and an intimate feel at your wedding. They also make great gifts so could easily double up as favours. These can be made yourself if you’ve got the time and are willing. Kits can easily be bought online just search eBay or Amazon.

6. Tea cup muffins

The last of my tea cup wedding ideas proves that nothing goes better with tea than cake! This idea could work easily if your venue gives out the tea cups after dinner, otherwise there’s a high risk the muffins will be eaten before your guests even get their starters!

Wowzers I now have lots of ideas for the collection of tea cups at the back of the cupboard!  I hope you’ve enjoyed all these tea cup wedding ideas and to create them using a beautiful collection of hired vintage cups, you must visit Tea Cup Hire –

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