Saturday June 29 2013.


Move over macarons there are some new kids in town – this Sunday Loves is packed with sweet wedding favours ideas.  Why sweet treats this week?  Well I’ve just celebrated my 6th wedding anniversary which is symbolised by sugar, so I’ve had sweet things on my mind (and tongue) all week.

sweet wedding favours ideas

1. These chocolate dipped bite size meringues would be the perfect match for post dinner coffee.

As spied on Martha Stewart Weddings –

2. A fun and affordable wedding favour alternative is popcorn.  It also serves as a great snack for partying guests in the late night hours.

As spied on Naturally Chic –

3. Gourmet Marshmallows are possibly my favourite of these sweet wedding favours ideas.  As a wedding guest I would go bananas if one of these ribbon tied, quirky flavoured, rainbow coloured giant marshmallows was given to me nom nom nom.

Available to buy from Tookies via their Etsy shop –

4. Guaranteed to soak up some alcohol are these donut favours.  Sugar coated or chocolate dipped, sprinkles and edible glitter would make them stand out from the crowd.

As spied on The Sweetest Occasion –

5. I indulged my sweet tooth with a couple of chocolate dipper spoons this week, scrumptious and they just look so cool.  Super simple to make, so get dipping with this Sprinkled Chocolate Spoons recipe on Sweetapolita blog.

Impress your friends with some sprinkle spoons via