Sunday March 17 2013.


What a week it has been for this Bijou girl, not only has the new look site gone live but I’ve been honoured to have my styling work featured on some of my favourite blogs.  Here is a rundown of my favourite finds and things this week, do share yours with a comment.

sunday loves

1.  An inspirational travel shoot, get your vintage travel luxe on via Love My Dress (link: ) or Ruffled Blog (link:  This shoot was great fun despite taking place in the depths of a cold winter, I don’t know how models do it!

2.  Abbie and Ross were the most delightful clients to work with and it was a joy to bring their vision to life.  Read all about their nuptials and celebrations across London on Boho Weddings (link:

3. Nanoblur, a new edition to my beauty regime.  I have heard search good things about it, only time will tell if it will live up to expectation.  Are you a convert?  Do let me know your thoughts.

4.  Brunch at Bills Restaurant (link: ) my discovery of the best vegetarian breakfast in London.  Guacamole, tomatoes, mushrooms, scrambled eggs hello lover!  Highly recommended for all my fellow veggies out there.

5. The best charity fundraising night on the planet – Red Nose Day.  I enjoyed all the silly entertainment on Friday and of course cried my eyes out at the atrocities that still occur in Africa and the United Kingdom.  Not surprised that it was a record breaking year with over £75million raised, but every penny counts so if you haven’t, please donate now