Sunday July 22 2012.


After last week’s Sunday Love I started thinking about all the wonder products you can pick up for pennies but perhaps due to their unsexy branding often get passed over for their expensive counterparts.  Take Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly to give it its un-branded title, the oil by product that has endless uses:


* Just like the expensive and much hyped Eight Hour Cream, Petroleum Jelly was originally used by oil workers to treat burns and dry skin areas.  To rework your battered feet, after a good scrub cover your feet in vaseline and pop them in socks whilst you sleep – you’ll rise to the softest dancing feet.

* Vaseline makes a great lip balm, mix with a little of your favourite lip stick to create your own signature tinted lip balm

* I have recently taken a leaf out of Jennifer Aniston’s book and started using Vaseline as a night time eye cream.  I also apply a little to the wrinkly areas on my forehead, between the brows and the dreaded laughter lines.  I can report back that it really does make it difference, given that fine lines are spots of dehydration you can understand why Vaseline would help fill the gap and give an extreme moisture injection.

* Beauty masters swear by a coat of Vaseline on eyelashes before you go to bed.  Apparently over time this will make your eyelashes thicker and longer.

* There are tonnes more uses for Vaseline too – taming eyebrows, rubbing over a week old manicure for high shine nails (works on bags and shoes too), mixing with eyeshadow for a wet look finish, dabbing on cheekbones for a dewy look, mix with sea salt to make a great body scrub, ….

Vaseline is definitely worthy of Wonder product status but how can we rectify its unsexy image, perhaps with man du jour Tom Hardy.  His slicked back locks could well be Vaseline coated?!?

tom hardy slick hair

Tom Hardy