Sunday August 19 2012.


It is sweltering and I mean no point putting on make up hot.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining, it is such a rarity in the UK to have beautiful weather but if you are a Bride, marrying in this heat has some challenges.

Here are my Bijou tips to help keep you glowing rather than become an over heated mess:

1.  SUNSCREEN – you don’t want to be starting off married life as an uncomfortable red lobster.  Apply a high factor, non-sweat sunscreen to your body and let it completely soak in before putting on your Wedding dress.  Brands such as Riemann P20 have a ‘Once a Day: 10 hours’ range, perfect for the Wedding party.

sunshine bride

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2.  WATER – yes you want to toast your nuptials with Champagne but bare in mind that alcohol will dehydrate you.  Drink plenty of water to keep un-ladylike heat stroke at bay.

summer bride

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3.  KIT BAG – ask one of your bridesmaids to carry a mini kit bag of hot weather essentials to keep you looking perfect all day.  This should include blotting paper, cooling spray, mini deodorant, eye make up remover buds (much more precise than wipes), your make up and a mini fan.


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