Saturday September 8 2012.


You may have been thinking that it has been in a bit quiet in Bijou land and it’s for a sad reason as my beloved Grandma died this week.  She was a real firecracker of a woman, a tough Eastender through and through.

I know this isn’t Wedding related but writing is a cathartic process so I’m sure you’ll let me off.  It is a shame that only now reflecting on her life have I realised what a profound effect she had on me.  We fought a lot when I was younger yet through our arguments I learnt that I didn’t need to be afraid of anyone.  Every generation has their opinion and every person their own mind, just have courage in your convictions.  Nanny was meticulously tidy and house proud, teaching me some valuable life skills such as the cheat’s way to making a bed and ironing sheets, although I still haven’t mastered her football pitch like hoovering pattern.  She was one cool chick in her heyday, having her trademark white blonde locks teased into all manner of amazing hairstyles for a Friday night out.  I have no doubt she was the life and soul of the party.  A cup of tea, a cuddle and a chat solves most of life’s problems .  And when it came to relationships Nan’s Eastender really came out with classics like “Keep your hand on your ha’penny” and “Don’t fall arse over tit.”  Most importantly my Nan told me I was beautiful and that she loved me every time we spoke.  I just hope she realises how beautiful and loved she is.


3 generations of strong and coordinated women – my mum, my nanny and me