Sunday October 2 2011.


I know people think I’m rather mad getting re-married every five years (well that’s the plan anyway) but as film director/restaurant critic/actor in irritating adverts Michael Winner proved a couple of weeks ago, you are never too old.

Note one: I do hope Mr Bijou and myself look as good as 75 year old Winner and his wife 70 year old Geraldine Lynton-Edwards (yes you read that right, 70!)

Note two: I’m glad we didn’t wait over 50 years to get round to it.  They met when Geraldine was 16.  Earlier this year Winner said “I turn 76 in October and I have never been anywhere near marriage before. It took a long time for a bit of common sense to enter my befuddled brain.  I think she’s very pleased. After a while, when someone is that close to you and you love them, the question is: ‘If you love me, why aren’t we married?’

Note three: Winner was quoted on the day as saying it felt “terrifying but wonderful“, just as it should.