Saturday July 2 2011.


A special post for my Stateside Bijou brides, hit UK show “Don’t Tell the Bride” is heading your way and guess what they are looking for engaged couples…

OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network are on the hunt for dynamic newly engaged couples lacking the funds for their dream wedding.  The premise of “Don’t Tell the Bride” is to provide $25,000 yes that’s right $25,000 to 8 cash-strapped couples to design the wedding of their dreams.  The only catch is the bride and groom can’t see each other for three weeks before the nuptials, AND the groom has to plan the whole wedding in secret.  On the UK version I’ve been surprised by how romantic the grooms are.

Want to take part, casting requirements are below:

– Must be over 18 years of age

– Currently engaged

– Willing and able to get legally married between July 2011 — September 2011

– Have a few groomsmen and bridesmaids with big personalities willing to be on the show with you

– No long distance or destination weddings. You must be willing to marry within driving distance of couple’s residence(s)

To apply send your (both bride and groom) contact details, your story and a photo of your both to: