Sunday August 3 2014.


Now we’re right in the thick of the Summer heat, I’ve had a much needed bathroom cabinet update so thought I’d share my new discoveries and Summer beauty must haves.

summer beauty must haves 2014


Bee pollen and honey are the new beauty buzz words but bees are an endangered species so we should all be mindful of what we buy.  One brand who I think are going about things the ethical way and also making some fabulous beauty must haves is BeeGood.  This husband and wife team started experimenting with excess honey and beeswax from their own professional beekeeping home and the products were so popular they’ve now launched BeeGood.  I’m a big fan of the cleansing water which manages to shift all my facial make up dirt and grim (even waterproof mascara) and smells scrumptious!   Plus supporting their brand means supporting British bees and ethical beekeeping, gotta love the bees girls.

Honey & Wild Water Mint 3 in 1 Cleansing Water by Bee Good


At the end of a sun-filled day everyone’s skin is in need of some heavy hydration, no matter how good you’ve been.  One of my favourite new beauty brands Say YES have a great night cream that seems to be doing the trick at keeping my face super soft.  I love that the range is paraben, petroleum and cruelty free and have stocked up on a few bits but the night cream is my new nightly must.

Yes to Carrots Fragrance-Free Intense Hydration Night Cream by Yes To


If I was stuck on a desert island and could only have one beauty product, it would be mascara.  I never leave the house without it and have been complaining to every make up artist I know that my faithful Great Lash just doesn’t cut it anymore.  I picked up this new Bourjois mascara as part of a beauty offer and wasn’t expecting much but OMG is it a wonder product (I’ve since stocked up on two more so it’s in my handbag and wedding client kit bag).  It has a special brush with little balls between the bristles so your lashes are always clump free no matter how many times you apply.  The packaging advises you use a zigzag motion but I find spinning works better.

Bourjois Volume One Seconde Mascara available from Feel Unique


Do you find you’re more social in Summer?  I definitely am.  Any opportunity to get together with pals for BBQs, park hang outs parties and obviously weddings.  Unfortunately I’m not the kinda girl who can just twist her hair up and look amazing.  These tresses need taming often with the assistance of GHDs.  My latest discovery is this heat activating spray  that you can use on dry hair, it’s a revelation.  Spray it on to protect hair whilst loading up on heat and then spray after to hold it all in place.  It’s not sticky or smelly and is a great timesaver.

KMS California Free Shape 2 in 1 Stylig & Finishing Spray available from Look Fantastic


And after all that styling I like to give my hair a well deserved treat.  Haven taken a leaf out of Blake Lively’s (aka the hair goddess) book I now run Coconut Oil through the ends of my hair before shampooing.  Once I’m out of the shower I then towel dry and comb through more coconut oil.  My two week experiment has made a massive difference to the condition and smoothness of my locks, they may not be quite red carpet worthy but I’m getting there.  High fives to Blake!

Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum available from Boots


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