Sunday April 21 2013.


How has your week been ladies?  I’m spending this weekend at A Most Curious Wedding Fair in London’s Truman Brewery, so sadly missing the opportunity to sport sunglasses.  All week I’ve been desperately trying to beat a cold into submission because a streaming eyed, runny nosed chick does not an exhibitor make!  This week’s Sunday Loves are all the things that have helped me through the week – natural cold cures, provocative bridal wear and some Agatha Christie.

stone fox bride
1.  A recommended detoxing way to start the day  by drinking a cup of hot water with a slice of lemon sounds like a good way to rid a cold.  This is all I’ve been drinking by the bucket load and it has done the trick.

2.  ‘Provocative’ was the Daily Mail’s verdict so you know it’s going to be good.  The debut bridal range by Stone Fox Bride features Jemima Kirke from Girls as well as men in lace wedding dresses and nothing underneath.  Bits and bobs on show, you can understand why it would upset the more traditional Daily Mail reader.  Joking aside the boho dresses and accessories deserve a visit.

Stone Fox Bride –

3.  Before I hopped over to the States a couple of week’s back I treated myself to a Shellac manicure, it’s pretty amazing.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, this is the gel based nail varnish that comes with a promise not to budge for at least three weeks.  Given I’m not the best manicurist and my polished finger tips generally only survive a day, this has been the most exciting discovery.

Shellac –

4.  Another element of my cold cure has been going to be early and reading Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple’s Final Cases.  Anyone can tell what a big Agatha Christie fan I am, having watched the Poirots and Marples over and over.  I’m now going back to the stories in print and even if you aren’t a fan, the books warrant collecting for their covers alone.

5.  Carrie Diaries, to be honest I’m not sure it warrants a ‘love’ but it’s perfectly likeable.  It doesn’t have an air date in the UK yet but I caught the pilot episode on the plane.  It’s not Sex And The City but more Gossip Girl crossed with My So Called Life in style.  Worthwhile watching for the spot on 80’s fashion and soundtrack.