Wednesday February 15 2012.


Bored of the usual Hen party suggestions of pole dance classes, spas and strippers?  I have so many clients tell me that they want none of the above which can leave the chief bridesmaid stressed and bewildered.  But no fear girls you will love stitch before you hitch – ‘knockout knicker making‘ by Party Pants.

stitch before you hitch

The Party Pants hostess Chief Briefs will bring the pink sewing machines, haberdashery handbag, champagne and cake to you and your hens so you can relax with your favourite gals.  But it is not all friendly frolics and getting to know each other, there is a serious challenge at stake – who will create the best briefs for the bride to wear on her wedding day?  Nothing beats a dose of healthy competition to get the creative juices flowing.  I love an activity on a hen party, it’s a great way for everyone to chat, catch up and meet new friends.

And Chief Briefs will also be charge of capturing your girly gang in an end of class photo shoot.  Stitch before you hitch ladies and then try not to ruin them in the photo shoot.

stitch before you hitch

Book your stitch before you hitch knicker making class now at the Party Pants website and find out more details: