Sunday January 11 2015.


It’s January so like the rest of the World I’m on a health kick.  As part of a healthier 2015 my husband’s bought a juicer.  The benefits from his point of view are “one glass equals your 5 a day, simple and saves on cooking.”  Hmm to prevent the inevitable boredom with this new gadget, I’ve been on a mission to prove to him that it’s more than a quick route to the 5 a day.  Gearing up to your wedding day all brides want to feel and look their best; glowing skin, healthy nails, bountiful locks and as we all know what you choose to eat and drink is key to how you look.  Here are some of the best recipes I’ve discovered so far in my quest that I think you’ll appreciate too.  If you’re already a juicing / smoothing(?!) convert I’d love to hear your favourites too so please leave your recipes in the comment section.

smoothie recipes for brides

1.  The Love Smoothie

It’s Winter the dreaded cold and flu season, with all that wedding planning to do you Brides can’t afford to be ill.  So I’m going to kick off my morning smoothie routine with this recipe from those enviable Hemsley & Hemsley girls.  Jam packed with vitamin C and antioxidants the ‘Love smoothie’ also has aphrodisiac properties, watch out Mr Merri!

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2.  Winter’s Cure Detox Smoothie

A New Year brings a feeling of starting over, making resolutions and the excitement of the year ahead.  After the indulgences of the holidays I want to make my body happy, the bloated belly result of cheese and chocolate excess needs to go.  Starting the day with good things blended into a scrumptious smoothie will be a step in the right direction.

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3.  Glowing Skin Coconut Water Beauty Smoothie

Glowing skin is a beauty must these days and the most requested look with brides.  We all want make up to enhance our looks not mask them.  Achieving skin you are proud of often starts with good hydration and Coconut Water seems to be the new wonder route to maximum hydration.

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4.  Chocolate Chia Protein Smoothie

Vegetarians like me will know that getting ample protein in your diet can be a struggle.  I’m hoping smoothies will change that.   Protein is key to all those bridal desires of healthy hair, skin and nails too as it’s an essential nutrient for cell growth and rejuvenation.  Plus this one’s chocolate based so even more reason to give it a go!

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5.  Energy Boosting Berry Smoothie

When the Wedding day arrives you’re going to need a lot of energy so before you hit the Champagne, sip your way through an energy boosting smoothie.  The icy berries will make it a refreshing treat, add a pretty paper straw for good measure too.

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