Sunday April 15 2012.


I love a spot of history, did you know that the tradition of wearing a garter dates back to the 18th century?  Grooms would remove their bride’s garter using their teeth and toss it into a crowd of unmarried men, supposedly bestowing good luck upon the lucky recipient.  Fast forward to the 1930’s and garters were being used by women to carry small valuables such as cigarettes, petite eau de parfum and lipsticks.  Us women are very resourceful!

Garters are beautiful items and a great keepsake from your Wedding day – public removal by your Groom is optional.  The vintage inspired designs featured today are from Silver Sixpence In Her Shoe a bespoke, bridal accessories designer. The luxurious styles have been created using only the finest antique lace, silk dupion and genuine jewellery pieces.

You can see more of the Silver Sixpence In Her Shoe garter collection as well as their Bridal accessory collection at: