Friday September 6 2013.


Scarlett Johansson at Venice Film Festival well stop the press, she looked stunning.  As did that to die for vintage deco engagement ring she’s now sporting!

scarlett johansson at venice film festival

Heading out this weekend or love the look for your wedding, here’s a quick guide to nailing the look.

1.  To bring this glamourous look bang up to date Scarlett’s skin is dewy rather that dry.  I find using a really great illuminating primer is the key here and Smashbox are the best.

Photo Finish Luminizing Foundation Primer by Smashbox –

2.  Cover eyelids with a light latte coloured eyeshadow and add some sparkle to the inner corners of the eyes to really make them pop.

Colour Appeal Eyeshadow in Beige Platinum by L’Oreal Paris –

3.  Line the entire top lash both inside and out before creating that signature Hollywood kitten flick in the outer corners with blackest black eyeliner.

Liquid Eyeliner Intensity Definition by Chanel –

4.  Finish with a fresh, moisturising lip balm/stick hybrid to keep it youthful and modern.

Dior Addict Lip Balm by Dior –

5. And for the messy low slung bun, use some dry shampoo on day old hair to backcomb at roots. tip head back and loosely secure in a pony tail (approximately two – three inches from the nape of the nexk).  Rather than loop your whole ponytail into a bun, I find it works better to wrap one inch sections of hair around in alternating directions securing with mini kirby grips as you go.

scarlett johansson make up tutorial