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When I received a press release about attractive bridal shapewear, I was to say the least sceptical… until I saw the Scandale designs.  The former secret of celebrities and those in the know, shapewear is now a commonality in our female desire to look smooth and taut.  If it makes you feel more confident on yourWedding day then of course you should wear something that keeps the lumps and bumps where they should be.  But let’s face it, bridal shapewear is not particularly attractive – cue the awful Bridget Jones’ ‘big knickers’ moment!  That is until now.   Iconic French lingerie brand Scandale have made it their mission to reinvent bridal shapewear with a touch of vintage glamour.

scandale harmonie collection

Sirene Collection – Smooth Back Bra & Harmonie Collection – The Skirt

Blending their inimitable French chic with effortless elegance, the Harmonie Collection by Scandale embodies a lighter, carefree approach to modern shapewear.  A new colour palette and softer fabrics designed to embrace and enhance that perfect ‘S’ curve silhouette are the focus.

scandale bridal shapewear

Harmonie Collection – The Cami

The bridal shapewear designs speak for themselves but I love the hidden details.  The brand’s signature is scarlet colouring on  the underside of straps and little hidden French messages sewn inside the linings.


Harmonie Collection – Mid Waist Pants

The imagery featured is from two current collections – Sirene and Harmonie.  Sirence is more retro and Harmonie a classic pearl lace that’s a little lighter to wear.

scandale bridal shapewear
You can take a gander at the Scandale bridal shapewear collections via their website: 

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