Tuesday February 7 2012.


There is no escaping the current economic climate even in the Wedding industry.   I’ve been thinking a lot about the old wartime adage ‘Make Do & Mend’ and how you, my Bijou brides, can apply this to your Wedding.  So today we’re looking at Salvage Wedding inspiration.


So here are a couple of little ideas that might catch you budget savvy eye for a Salvage Wedding.


Collect those tin cans, wash and file any dangerously sharp edges.  From here the opportunities are endless

1. Spray with paint to match your colour scheme and fill with flowers

2.  Add some ribbon and use to hold cutlery/ rolled up menues/ games/ moustaches on sticks on your guest tables

3.  Cover with patterned wrapping/wall paper and load up with sweets or lollipops for a funky dessert buffet

4.  Punch holes (something to keep your groom occupied)  in a shape or letter and use as tealight holders


From Fine Gardening


Last Christmas was the first time I’ve ever had to do the cooking so naturally I became a little obsessed with the cookery shows and in particular Jamie Oliver.  There was one recipe that I thought would be great for weddings – Homemade Chocolate Sheets which could be broken up and used to decorate a shop bought cake or placed in pretty cellophane gifts bags with ribbon or stickers as a tasty favour.  You can find the recipe here: Jamie Oliver After 10 Chocolates


From Jamie Oliver

Have you got any saver tips for style savvy DIY brides, do share by leaving a comment below.  And here’s a Bijou Salvage Wedding style board to help inspire you.

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