Tuesday March 22 2011.


Bijou reader Grace Cowley contacted me asking for help with a bridal look she had spied on the fashion catwalk “I’m really interested in but haven’t seen any wedding blogs pick up really – Spanish lace Bohemian / nomadic / Romany gypsy styles.”  Well Grace I hope today’s bridal fashion post is what you were hoping for!  

As Grace pointed out this Romany Gypsy Nomadic bridal has been resurrected in recent fashion weeks being particularly influential in the Galliano collections. 

Spanish Bridal Designer Yolan Cris has led the pack in popularising this look for the bridal market but unbelievably they do not have a UK stockist.

So brides to be if you can not make the trip to Europe to track down a stockist, here is the Bijou guide to getting the look.  

The key is to be brave and blend multiple layers and textures into your wedding look.  First stop the wedding dress…

Another Spanish designer – Pronovias Atalaya Gown
New to the Bridal Fashion Market Matthew Williamson
Raimon Bundo
Temperley Charlotte Dress

And once you have the wedding dress you need to build the look with accessories.

Valentino Lace Shawl
Temperley Bolero
Haute Hippie Gilet

Headdresses will finish this bridal look, for more of a Romany Gypsy feel opt for a Spanish Mantilla (lace or silk scarf worn over the head and shoulders, often over a high comb) – Ann Guise is one UK based supplier or try Ebay for a Vintage piece.

If you want more of the nomadic bridal look opt for multiple lace headbands worn low on the forehead, beaded skull caps, feathers or ornate hair combs – Basia Zarzycka has a fabulous treasure trove with items like the below bridal hair comb.

In these days of tightening wedding purse strings at least brides to be can rely on the High Street to stay fashion forward.

The High Street Shopping List:

Monsoon Windermere Dress £300

Topshop Lace Scarf £16

ASOS Rope Belt £12

River Island Beaded Headband £13

Phase Eight Embellished Bolero £49

Thank you Grace, it truly is a great look and I hope to shoot it with a wedding photographer later in the year so keep reading blog!

If like Grace there is a wedding look you want to covet or you need specific Bijou bridal style advice please do get in touch email: