Monday March 10 2014.


Just when I thought I’d seen it all, Grasi Favoreto and Dani Correa from Rocker in Love Photography and Film hit me hard with their wedding gifs.  Hypnotizing aren’t they?

wedding gifs

Brazilian visual artists Grasi and Dani primarily work as photographers and videographers but their wedding gifs evolved from a creative moment of fun.   On a whim whilst playing around with a client’s images they created a gif, it was so well received by the bride that the word quickly spread and they started getting gif requests more and more.  There is something quite touching about these enigmatic little moments. These wedding gifs are made by mixing photo and film in one image, isolating static and moving elements before mending smoothly together in a loop.

wedding gifs

Couples could use these unique wedding gifs on social media as a snapshot of the day, attach to thank you emails or perhaps use them for digital save the dates?  They aren’t for everyone but however you use them at least it’s something a little different.  This gif below is my favourite *giggles*.

weddings gifs

Wanna see more?  Head to the Rocker In Love website – www.rockerinlove.com