Sunday August 7 2011.


Good morning Bijou brides, an exciting update this Sunday – I am getting married next June!  

There is a slight disclaimer – I am already married.  My husband and I married 22nd and 23rd June 2007 at the tender age of 25 and 28.  It was always our intention to celebrate our marriage every 5 years by renewing our vows and throwing a big party for all our friends and family.  At the time of our first wedding neither myself or Mr Bijou had been involved in any other weddings, our friends weren’t married, we hadn’t been bridesmaids or ushers, both our parents had very small registry office weddings but we navigated the wedding jungle and managed to pull it all together in just 5 months.  There is so much more out there now and of course being part of the wedding industry I am exposed to a wealth of wedding wonderfulness.  Here’s a couple of pictures so you can see what we got up to first time round.

The Legal Bit wearing a Reiss Embellished mini dress, Vintage veil & 60’s plastic jewellery.

The 2nd part – wearing Jenny Packham, an extra long veil and my best friend’s brooch as a hair slide.

So I need your help!  Sunday Love post’s will now be dedicated to all things wedding and I want your help on choosing my 2nd wedding style.  I’m going to share everything with you and invite you all to tell me what you think from dress fittings to decorations.  First up is continuing the rock and roll theme of our first wedding by wearing something short with biker boots.  It’s funny as I feel a lot more confident in my body as I approach 30 than I did at 25, so perhaps now is the time to celebrate it with a short, fitted dress?

I’m obsessed with this look – as featured in Vogue Novias in 2010