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The red and white wedding party on the blog today is all about fun, fun, fun. and we have Xander and Thea Photography to thank for sharing it.  You know I adore a good love story and bride Angela tells me that with Patric “It was love at first sight.  In a month we had already moved in together.  It was like we had known each other forever and it has been like that ever since.  We’re just made for each other.”  Now doesn’t that just warm the cockles of your heart.

dutch wedding

The simple desire for this couple was that the wedding “just had to be a fun party that wouldn’t have to cost a whole lot but would result in us being husband and wife.” Simple. And you don’t get much more care free than a bouncy castle to entertain your guests.  Inspired by how Angela felt once she got engaged. “I was like a bouncy ball for weeks.”

wedding bouncy castle


Pillar box red and white were the primary colours of the wedding, seen in everything from the groom’s shoes to heart balloons decor.

groom red shoes
red bouquet

Instead of a traditional wedding suite, Angela and Patric spent their first night as husband and wife “in our old VW camper van in the field at the rear of the place where we had our party.

wedding vw camper van

The couple’s friends and family provided cake and sweet treats for all the guests including this little number.  Of course it was perfectly coordinated with the red and white wedding party theme.

red and white heart wedding cake
red and white wedding party

And what was their favourite moment of the day?  “The whole day was so much fun. But having all our friends and family there to see our love and happiness for each other and enjoy themselves. We didn’t want everyone to feel they had to be serious.”


“Plan the day really as you want it to be and not how you’re supposed to do.  It’s your party ENJOY and don’t stress.  We didn’t stress one bit and that felt great.  And if you splurge on anything make it be photography it’s really the only thing your keep after the day and it is so great to have beautiful pictures to go back to.”

red and white wedding

red and white wedding party


  • Photography by Xander & Thea –
  • Venue at Enschede City Hall, The Netherlands
  • Wedding dress by OTTO

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