Monday February 20 2012.


This week’s NKOTWB (New Kid On The Wedding Block) has been cited by Vogue as “Fashion’s new golden girl” and is bringing sexy back.  Let me introduce you to designer Rebecca Cella.

Following countless enquiries after her own Wedding this red carpet designer has finally launched a bridal range featuring her signature knitted craftsmanship .  Rebecca’s dazzling designs are often spotted on the backs of the world’s sexiest  ladies such as Nicole Scherzinger and Alesha Dixon but incredibly every dress is knitted by Rebecca herself and hand finished to ensure an infallible quality control.  The Rebecca Cella capsule bridal range draws attention to the female form, draping it in lavish yarns, silk ribbons and glitzy embellishments.

rebecca cella wedding dress

You can see from these images how different the types of knit are, from tight mesh to large loops.

rebecca cella chain dress

The collection features a mixture of maxi and short style Wedding dresses.

rebecca cella

For more information and stockists, head to: