Sunday July 13 2014.


Today’s Sunday Loves formed part of this week’s bridal research for one of my clients.  Below are some of the favourites from my requested search for pretty birdcage veils and headpiece inspiration.  The birdcage veil can be worn to make a statement, as a stylish nod to Fifties fashion or just as a hint of the traditional face covering without being cumbersome and disguising the wedding dress.

pretty birdcage veils

1.  Pretty petals make this Silk Blossoms Fascinator by Fabiola Capo a vintage inspired bridal buy.

2.  I love the scattering of bold pearls on this birdcage veil, particularly knock out against darker hair.

Pearl adorned bandeau birdcage veil by Twigs & Honey

3.  Make a statement in a feather fascinator meets birdcage bridal headpiece.

The Amy bridal birdcage veil by By Harriet

4.  Emily from favourite wedding blog One Fab Day makes crafting your own pretty birdcage veils look simple.  Check out the tutorial here:

5.  And finally for something a little more playful, a Double bow birdcage veil by Katie Burley available from Etsy