Saturday May 26 2018.


Can you believe a week ago we were all crowded around our televisions wondering what was to come with the Royal wedding of the now Duke and Duchess of Sussex?  Billions of us watched, cried and celebrated and for any of you in the midst of wedding planning, there was a lot to learn from the happy couple.  But here are my favourite planning tips from the royal wedding.


Incorporate elements of each of your backgrounds whether that’s reflecting your passions, career choices or heritage.  All the things that make you, you!  Harry and Meghan had lots of nods to their personality throughout their wedding.  There was a fun U.K. vs U.S.A. vibe going on at the evening reception – dirty burgers and cocktails from around the World, beer pong and dance offs.  The ceremony although traditional Church of England in basis incorporated many personal touches from music choices and readings to small hidden gestures that I’m sure we will never be told about.

Harry and Meghan are together (and separately) very caring and charitable humans and knowing that the World was watching there were conscious choices too.  Driving an electric car to the evening reception (a very nice one too) will be sure to boost sales of more eco-conscious vehicles. Let’s face it they don’t need a toaster or any gifts so asking guests to instead donate to the charity’s close to their hearts was very ‘them’.


As the saying goes ‘you can pick your friends but not your family’.  Every couple will experience some form of family drama during their wedding planning journey.  It can be unexpected and traumatic but all you can do is focus on the big day and the new family you are choosing to create with your marriage.  This may not strictly be part of wedding planning tips from the Royal wedding but Harry and Meghan very eloquently demonstrated that no matter what, the wedding day will be full of love.


Music is so key to the atmosphere and ambience of your wedding.  The ceremony can often be one element overlooked musically.  Admittedly Harry and Meghan had a lot of musical elements that may not fit in with everyone’s wedding budget but the one thing to take away was that you can have multiple styles of music throughout the ceremony.  Classical arrangements, contemporary songs,  gospel choirs or solo musicians.  Just take the time to really think about the key moments and how you want everyone to feel.

And for the evening reception, don’t feel forced into having a band just because it’s a wedding.  A great DJ or in the case of the Royal Wedding multiple DJ’s (including reportedly Idris Elba) can keep the crowds amped up and dancing into the early hours just as well.


These may be small gestures your guests are unaware of but that does not mean they aren’t important.  An empty chair, wearing an item that belonged to someone you wish could be with you, favourite flowers in a bouquet, a perfume or scented candle, the speeches and toasts.  There are so many options.


There was so much talk and pressure for Meghan to fit a typical Princess mould with her wedding attire (amongst other things).  But working with the incredible Clare Waight Keller at Givenchy, the wedding dress was classic but totally her style.  Worn with her signature natural make up and slightly undone hair. It is easy to feel lost when you start trying on wedding dresses but don’t lose yourself amongst the tulle and lace.

And as for Groom Harry, he wore military dress, a chapter of his life that means a great deal to him.

Finally as a big cake fan, how lovely that they swerved Royal tradition (of fruit cake) and had one of Meghan’s favourite bakers Violet Cakes create multiple lemon and elderflower cakes that I’ve no doubt everyone enjoyed.

I’m sad that we won’t get to see any more photos or truly know all the details from the wedding day but those released by Kensington Palace(didn’t Alexi Lubomirski do a magnificent job) will certainly keep us inspired for many days to come.