Friday July 5 2013.


A flash of neon colour is hot right now but if like me you don’t want to brave the dye then reach for your ribbons!  This super quick pink streaked plait tutorial could be done in any colour and will add pizazz to your summer hairstyle.

pink streaked plait tutorial

Firstly tie a piece of ribbon to a kirby grip in a simple knot.  Backcomb hair at crown and pin the ribbon into place a few inches back from your forehead, ensure you have enough hair to brush over so the kirby grip isn’t visible.  You could build the look by adding more ribbon pieces in a variety of colours.

pink plait tutorial

Then plait your hair as usual and secure. If possible try to twist the ribbon around to the front each time you loop for maximum colour exposure.  As a final touch, spin the bit of loose ribbon around the elastic band used to secure the plait and tuck to hold.

pink streaked plait tutorial