Monday April 30 2012.


Remember the beautiful Brooke and her rustic Wedding in the Australian hills?  Those that missed it can swot up here.  Our Bijou lady’s back to share her beautiful backyard pink Bridal shower with us, the theme – High Tea and Hot Springs.

A dear friend recently commented that she admired me for  ‘turning everything into an event‘ and I love the thought that a Bridal Shower gives you another excuse to create some prettiness.  Brooke went for it with the pink Bridal shower – pink bunting flags, pink and pastel coloured flowers, vintage tea cups and this pink teacup cake masterpiece.

A few weeks earlier we had found a very cool rustic chest that had been thrown away. It was perfect; we used it as a drink table. We also had pink Chinese lanterns.

Here in the UK we are in the midst of a monsoon and I for one can’t stand it, sadly I cannot get the hang of wet look high fashion in my non-waterproof mac and broken brolly!  I’m sharing this because the weather played a part in Brooke’s pink Bridal shower planning too, “we live in Melbourne Australia, a state synonymous with having 4 seasons in one day, lucky we had my bridal shower in my backyard under our pergola.  We were very fortunate that even though it rained it was still a warm day.


I love this idea for a hen party/ Bridal Shower, Brooke and her hens competing in a cupcake decorating contest – fun and delicious!

On hand were heart shape cupcake sponges and then a whole bunch of edible decorations.  “The ladies had so much fun, even hiding their designs so no one could see it. It definitely got very competitive. 


The ever generous Brooke gave each of her hen’s one of these gorgeous tea cup succulent plants.  This is one bride who had serious foresight “Over the course of a year, I collected vintage tea cups and saucers from thrift stores, markets, ebay, any where I could find them really.  They were so pretty and a perfect party favour to match our theme.


Over to our Bijou Brooke “If I had to give one piece of advice it would be – even through all the planning and organising some things are out of your control.  Run with it and still have fun, remember it’s about you and the people you love.  The day, even though it rained was amazing, so much fun, laughter and great memories.”


For the Love Photography

Cupcakes by Kissable Cupcakes