Sunday August 26 2012.


Just when you thought you’d seen it all, this Sunday let me present Photobot.  “Photobot is a totally unique robot whose sole reason for being is to entertain you and your guests. In addition to the regular photography and printing duties that you’d expect of an ordinary booth, Photobot wows with its specially developed Mechanical Berk™ intelligence.”  In essence it talks to you whilst you have your photo taken!


What does the World’s first talking robotic photobooth say, I hear you ponder?  Well it can suggest poses, tease a better photo out of people and entertain in a way that a regular booth cannot. “Smile! Sit Up Straight! Have you been drinking!” you get the idea.  I fear that Photobot’s team are letting the cat out of the bag when they claim the inspiration behind the talking photobooth was “the Mechanical Turk, a chess playing ‘machine’ from the 18th Century. A chess master hid in a box below a life size figure of a man and operated the figure above him so that it appeared to play chess extremely well against human opponents.”  Hhhmmm.
fancy dress photobooth
If you were to book Photobot for your Wedding celebrations, here’s what you can expect:
– Installed and manned by two uniformed technicians (check out their funky overall uniforms below!)
– You’ll be able to add messages and logos to the photo print outs
– Incorporate HD video recording functionality to capture messages from your guests
– Themed fancy dress on request
– Upload your photos to facebook
photobot technicians

I think this would be such a fun surprise for your guests, find out more about Photobot at: