Friday March 9 2012.


Bijou readers you know Paris Fashion Week or PFW makes me weak at the knees and the presentation of Autumn/Winter 2012 was a lesson in how magical it is when you invest everything and don’t do things half-arsed (frightful phrase I know but apt in this scenario).


Designers threw serious euros at their stage sets from Karl Lagerfeld’s crystallised catwalk to Louis Vuitton’s life size, fully functioning steam train.  Brides and Grooms, if you have a particular theme in mind for your Wedding day don’t be afraid to go to town with it.  Not only will your guests be blown away but it will make your day that bit more memorable.

Chanel’s sci-fi trip

Louis Vuitton put on the most memorable show for a celeb-packed crowd – guests stepped into a marquee that immediately transported them onto a vintage inspired Train platform.  As the clock rang in the start of the show, steam emerged from the life size train and it’s model passengers began to descend onto the platform-cum-catwalk.

Louis Vuitton Train

Louis Vuitton

But back to the clothes and the designer collections seemed to fall into two distinct camps – harsh Leather clad dominatrix were juxtaposed with soft ruffles and curved shapes.


Alexander McQueen



One thing is for sure capes are going to be big news this Autumn/Winter whether a practical cover up from the elements or a beautiful evening wear statement.  Winter brides get yours now!

John Galliano

Elie Saab



Not a red nose in sight, we’re talking couture clown chic.

Vivienne Westwood

Alexander McQueen

John Galliano

Watch out for micro trends of dresses over cigarette pants (spied at Chanel and Louis Vuitton) and double skirts featuring a chiffon layer over a bold mini (Chloe).  And I’ll leave you with the fashion as costume piece I loved from the house of Thierry Mugler, a sci-fi snowman.

Thierry Mugler