Tuesday October 25 2016.


The most memorable weddings always feature heaps of personality.  Fact.  Today I want to share some ideas on how to personalise your wedding outfit.


No not those terry towel tracksuits with MRS X emblazoned on the back… I’m talking delicate embroidery placed onto your wedding dress.  As chosen by fashionista Nicole Richie for her nuptials to Joel Madden.  Nicole had their names embroidered onto the inside sleeve of her Marchesa gown.  Designer Hermione de Paula fashions dates, initials, even love quotes into her client’s intricate wedding dress designs or veils.  Can you spot them?


If you don’t have sleeves to work with or want to keep your love notes hidden, ask your wedding dress seamstress to add a personalised tag or secret pocket (to house your own love note) to the inside of your dress.  Customised labels and badges are relatively inexpensive, here’s some I found on Etsy.


Bespoke wedding dress labels by Monde Design


Bijou Grooms why not follow suit by having your Mr and Mrs titles or Wedding date embroidered into your wedding suit lining.  Other options for you would be adding an embroidered note to your pocket square or socks.

personalise your wedding suit

Customised suit by Bespoke Edge


The obvious choice here is engraved wedding bands.  But if they are just too thin or not your jam then think about bracelets, watches and other jewellery.  Jewellery always makes for a beautiful wedding gift for your partner especially lockets with hidden messages of love.  The private photos or curls of hair contained instead the locket are a touching and far more personal gesture.  Brides can chose to carry theirs close to their heart on a pendant or as a charm attached to their bouquet.  Bijou Grooms could wear theirs in place of a traditional floral button hole as below.

And they don’t have to contain images of you and your partner, you could use vintage photos from your parents’ wedding.  Or even images of your beloved pets that can’t be with you on the day.  A cute way to still have them present.


And last but by no means least in this run down of ways to personalise your wedding outfit, your dancing feet.  Stickers or just DIY it by using nail varnish to add a special message to the soles of your wedding shoes.