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I’m currently escaping the Winter blues with a trip to the Florida keys but luckily I’ve enlisted the professionals for today’s feature.    The ladies that run The Bridal Store ( are experts when it comes to footwear and have amazing tips to help you find your perfect wedding shoes.  So without further ado, let’s get to the shoes…

The Perfect Wedding Shoe

For all those brides out there who are about to become, or already are deep into the planning process of their super special forthcoming wedding day, we all know you have more than enough to be worrying about and the last thing you need is to worry about not finding your Cinderella slipper.  So with that in mind, we have put together a great “find the perfect wedding shoe” guide to help you find that path to your glass slipper…The perfect shoe for the perfect dress!

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Tip 1. Style and comfort.
Cindy made it look easy, Jimmy made it look like a necessity and well, Naomi fell down a catwalk wearing them one day. High heels elongate the leg, and make you walk like you are floating on air. But how practical are they when you’re not really a heel girl?

Think carefully about going for a sky high wedding shoe as most of the day is spent on your feet. For ladies looking for a little extra height or those who want to rock a pair of super heels, here’s a trick – buy a shoe with a platform. Most platform wedding shoes can cut down the height of the shoe by up to an inch and they give the illusion of height while wearing low like a built in cheat platform!

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Those who are opting for super highs, make sure your foot fits snug in them. Our shoe guru calls it “heel slip” and if it’s happening, then your shoes don’t fit properly and you should go down one size. If your feet feel comfortable but there is a little heel slip, buy some inserts (the jelly silicone ones are our fave) and pop them in the backs and under the pad of your foot. This will push your foot up and into the spaces better and voila, a perfect fit.

Remember to pop a little pair of flats in your bag for if you decide you’ve had enough and want to slip on your super comfy dancing shoes!

For those brides opting for low heels, you will be spoilt for choice! The market is awash with stunning flat and mid heels from some of the top brands. Rainbow Club have everything from silk satin flats with pearl motifs to sassy mid height lace peeps…. So you can be perfectly comfortable at any height!

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Tip 2. No, your shoes won’t stretch that much.
No matter what people say, shoes don’t stretch unless they are made from soft leather, or they are worn to the point of falling apart. The linings can mould to the foot, making it feel a little roomier, but only by millimetres.

Trust me on this one, as I too have fallen prey to the “put a hot potato in your shoes” myth… All that happened was my shoes smelt like French fries. But do wear your shoes in. This really just gets you used to the height, develops your tread (foot shape) in the lining and makes sure you perfect that glide motion!

For those who have slightly wider feet, opt for a shoe with cut out sides. This way the widest part of your foot isn’t squeezed into a court shoe, and the fit is muuuuch more forgiving!

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Tip 3. Consider the fabrics.
If you ask a man what goes with a lace dress, he will say a lace shoe…. Sigh, bless!
The fact is that too much of a good thing is, well, not a good thing. Gone are the days of the shoe being hidden away under a meringue dress. Brides are now mixing it up with colours and fabrics from lace to satin and beautifully matt finished silk satins. Plain dresses can be beautifully accessorised with lovely lace shoes with delicate chiffon vamps and shoe designer Diane Hassall even mixes her style up with velvet overlays and giant pompoms!

So if you’re not a “lace on lace lady“, play around with fabrics and try on something you wouldn’t normally try just to get an idea of what looks great, and what doesn’t.

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Bon Bon

Tip 4. Be true to your feet and find the perfect shoe for you, and only you.
If you like a touch of sparkle, you shall have sparkle. If you like perfectly plain satin shoes, by gosh, you will have that too.

The bridal shoe market is vast in style. Some serious wedding manufacturers are always working hard to bring you a vast variety of styles. Be true to yourself and your boundaries. No matter how much your dressmaker or local bridal shop try to convince you that you “need” to wear those 6 inch diamante encrusted shoes, make sure they represent you and make you feel comfortable and super sassy. This is YOUR day.

We all know that phrase… “You get what you pay for” and it is so very very true. Stick to the big names. With them you know you are getting quality fabric, ethically sourced factories and innovation and reliability. Spend a little extra for comfort and good quality fabrics.

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Tip 5: And finally, feel special!
When you slide your feet into those brand new perfect wedding shoes, fresh out of their box and look down to see them peeping out from under your dress, enjoy your shoes, wear them with pride and feel gorgeous!

Have a rummage around The Bridal Store for lots of shoe-spiration!

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